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Advanced Reiki


The Next Level Spiritual Energy Healing


You've gone from black & white to color on your journey as a Spiritual Energy Healer. What's the next step? Learning fulfills the innate desire we all have to dream, to create, and to BE more. Join us for classes and workshops that support you on your journey.


Reiki Master

Prerequisite classes Reiki level 1 & 2 and a consultation to determine readiness and eligibility.

reiki master trainingReiki Master class includes:

- Reiki Master attunement with three separate and wonderful Reiki Master symbols and Reiki Master manual
- deeper understanding of all elements of Reiki
- use of all three Reiki Master symbols in daily life
- use of Reiki Master symbols and techniques for healing
- refined instruction and experience so that you may teach all levels of Reiki classes with confidence and competence
- extra instruction and practice plus mentoring
- Reiki Master re-attunement in the second class helps deepen the Reiki experience and integrate Reiki energies more fully.

Three days of classes total.

*note- If your previous Reiki training only went as far as "Reiki 3" please rest assured that Reiki Master training at my Reiki center includes all 3 master symbols that bring you to a higher level on your Reiki journey.


Karuna Reiki® Master

Karuna omExperience the beauty of vibrational energy through sound and cellular healing and the use of specific, advanced Karuna Reiki® symbols.


Enhance your Reiki Master practice with the next level of Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki® Master.


Karuna Reiki® classes are only taught by Karuna Reiki® Masters who are registered with The International Center for Reiki Training. Registered Master/teachers have a certificate issued by the Center, have a registration number and agree to abide by a code-of-ethics following the Center's teaching standards.


Advanced Energy Workshops

chakra-handEnhance your intuitive abilities and promote healing with the gifts of nature. Incorporate these advanced techniques and tools into your practice.


- Advanced Meditation and Shamanic Journeys
- How to use a Pendulum
- Crystal Language
- Crystal Grids


rose-quartz- Developing Your Psychic Abilities
- Intuitive/ Guided Reiki
- Animal Chakras and Healing


Be sure to add your name to my list or contact me directly. We have classes taking place every month.


 Workshops are recorded. Attendees will receive the recording as a free bonus.


Animal Communication

animal communication

Develop a deeper understanding with animals through true communication. What are your animals trying to tell you?


Join us for Animal Communication classes.

Contact Rosemary to register.

Learn more through our companion site, Natural Pet Health Alternatives.




Reiki Master Class ......................... $1129

Karuna Reiki® Master Class ........... $1129

Advanced Energy Workshops ........ (see our Apprentice Program)

Animal Communication ...................$258


Paypal and credit cards accepted. 3% discount given for cash or check.


Join us for Reiki classes or schedule a healing session here.



Rosemary Levesque, D.D.
Usui/ Tibetan Reiki Master
Karuna Reiki® Master
Language of Light Master




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