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Reiki Classes


Awaken and enhance your natural healing abilities.

Empower yourself with self-healing, hands-on healing and distant Reiki healing techniques.


Reiki attunement through comprehensive Reiki classes opens you to the flow of Spiritual Energy Healing.

Experience the gentle integration of Reiki Healing Symbols. Join our Portland Reiki classes, training, and workshops to bring Reiki benefits into your life.

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What is Reiki Attunement?


During a Reiki class, we discuss the subtle nature of integrating Reiki energies into your daily life. We acknowledge when to use Reiki and how to use Reiki for self-treatment, hands-on treatment and distant Reiki (for Reiki 2). However, this part of class is instructional and for your education about Reiki.

Reiki Attunement involves no instruction but rather an opening of your crown chakra, your heart chakra and palm chakras in order to receive Reiki energies for attunement. So the part of Reiki class that involves Reiki Attunement allows you to experience quiet meditation and all that Reiki Attunement offers. For all levels after Reiki 1 you receive Reiki symbols, integrated into your personal energies. Use these symbols with the instruction you receive during class to offer Reiki healing energies daily.

Reiki 1 PLUS


Hands on healing for self or to offer Reiki (hands on) healing to others. Receive Reiki 1 attunement and training with our Integrative Enrichment Program in this comprehensive one day Reiki class.
Reiki 1


What you will learn in Reiki 1 PLUS:
- standard hand positions
- how to ground your energies
- how to clear your chakras
- basic meditation
- how to use Reiki in everyday situations

- integrating essential oils and crystals into your Reiki practice
- the basics of Reiki for animals (pets love Reiki too)

 You'll also receive our Reiki Practice Guide and Workshops - exclusive to Reiki PLUS students.


Reiki 2 PLUS


In this class you will have all the elements of Reiki 1 and our Integrative Enrichment Workshops for Reiki 2.



What you will learn in Reiki 2 PLUS:

- Learn the techniques and Reiki symbols to offer distance healing to yourself in the future or the past.
- Integrate with time and space. Offer Reiki to past or future, or over a physical distance.






  • How to cleanse your space in home, office or hotel
  • How to offer non-stop Reiki, distance Reiki
  • How to relieve and allow healing for mental/ emotional blocks
  • Working with essential oils and crystals using Reiki 2 techniques.

What people are saying about Reiki Class

"I want to truly thank the both of you for the instruction, guidance, knowledge and kindness you have given me. My spirit and overall life energy has, dare I say, flourished in a number of ways since that weekend, and I consider meeting the two of you as a major blessing in my life. It was certainly right on time.'
"I can also sense joy and humor and life energy of other people, even strangers, in a much more heightened way than before. All in all, things do seem brighter; or rather, I am much more able to readily see what there is to be grateful for in basically any given situation. Though disease and pain and problems exist all over, so does life energy, and in seeing that, one can have hope."
Tina McConnell, Portland, OR
"I love Reiki. I think the energetic clearing I went through during your training was of huge benefit, thank you for creating/holding the space for that. I have been doing personal practice every day and my experience is getting richer. I am feeling greater balance and well-being with each session, and am learning insights about my energetic body. This has also given me a much needed remind of my connection to source and a deeper understanding of what this means and how I want to relate. In my massage practice I find the tools of clearing/charging the space with Reiki very helpful. I have much more confidence with the responsibility for the energy in my room now. In the past, even when I know that the room was thick with heavy/sticky energy, I haven't understood how to effectively clear the space or keep myself separate from it, even though I have theoretically known what to do. I believe that Reiki can do what I was not able to. I am practicing better energetic boundaries with my clients, and this is making more sense.'
"I feel blessed and honored to channel this energy for myself and each of my client's greatest healing."
Laura A., Portland, OR


"The Reiki II class was really amazing. I felt supported through the whole thing. I felt extra blessed to have 2 Reiki masters (Rosemary and her daughter, Michelle) teaching the class. How wonderful to have two attunements from these gifted teachers. I felt guided to choose Rosemary as my teacher for Reiki II and during the class it was clear why. Thank you so much!" Mariam N., Portland, OR

"The Reiki I attunement was very special for me. I also really enjoyed feeling Reiki work both on me and the person I was practicing on. I didn't expect the experience to be so powerful. I am excited to practice on as many people as possible!" Katie F., Colfax, WA


Reiki MasterTraining PLUS

(allow 2 days plus practice and mentorship for complete Reiki Master training)


reiki master training


Bring your Reiki training to a higher level.

Feel the difference in the Reiki energies you use for yourself and others. Often Reiki Master opens the door to a greater sense of intuition. Walk the path of a Reiki Master/Teacher and incorporate Reiki lifestyle in your daily life.

We also have added our Spiritual Mastery Workshops to support you as Reiki Master . . . just another bonus as a part of our Integrative Enrichment Program.

Learn more about Reiki Master Training.





Karuna Reiki® Master Training



Experience the beauty of vibrational energy.


Enhance your Reiki Master practice through sound and cellular healing and the use of specific, advanced Karuna Reiki® symbols.


Learn more about Karuna Reiki® Master Training




Reiki Re-take. Why may you want to become attuned to Reiki again?


  • It has been a while since you have received Reiki attunement
  • Your first Reiki attunement was remote and you need hands-on attunement and instruction
  • You feel like you need a refresher class or a new perspective on what you already know
  • You would like the mentorship of a local Reiki Master


Reiki re-take is an opportunity to enhance your Reiki practice and anchor in Reiki attunement energies. Phone consultation is required before attending class as space is limited.


Reiki Healing Circle

reiki circleEnjoy a hands-on healing experience from other Reiki practitioners. Join my newsletter to be informed on upcoming classes, workshops, Reiki circles and special events.


Take your Reiki experience up a notch. Join us for our Reiki Apprentice Program. This is a series of workshops that include the Reiki Circle experience along with lessons that show you advanced Reiki techniques - like developing your intuition, making a crystal grid for your client, or choosing essential oils to support an aspect of healing and well being.



I offer one hour Reiki workshops and presentations to groups, families and corporations. Book me for a "lunch and learn" for your employees.
Contact me to find out more and schedule a presentation for your group.


Advanced Workshops

advanced reiki


Enhance your Reiki abilities and intuitive nature with these Advanced Reiki Workshops! Reiki attunement is required to attend these workshops. 


Learn more about Advanced Reiki Techniques during our Integrative Reiki Workshops, or our Reiki Apprentice Program.

Learn more about Advanced Reiki here.





Reiki 1 PLUS Foundation Intensive Training Part 1 . . . . . $275


Reiki 2 PLUS Foundation Intensive Training Part 2 . . . . . $405


Reiki Master PLUS Spiritual Mastery Intensive Training  . . . $1495


Karuna Reiki® Master class ..........  $1095


Integrative Workshops

Intensive Training

"My mum had Alzheimers. It was a blessing when she passed. I was with her at the very end and felt nothing but peace. I have to tell you what I was told by one of the caregivers. She had asked me who was a family member whose name started with s and ended in y. Mum couldn't speak very well and it was hard to understand her. But she was calling to this person about three weeks ago. Apparently Spanky went and visited Mum on the day Spanky passed. It made me feel so good that they had connected. Everything happens for a reason. Because of Spanky, I got my Reiki attunement. I got the call on Monday that Mum was ready to go at anytime. From that Monday until Thursday morning I was with her. I did Reiki on her every night. And then Spanky was there to guide her home. What a wonderful feeling that was. Thank you for being there for Spanky and me because you also helped us with Mum's transition. Thank you!!!!!" Jenny Hudec, AZ

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