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Spiritual Energy Healing and Reiki

Let Energy from Source flow through you like a peaceful river, let Spirit be your guide,  and let the Goodness of Life heal your body, mind and soul.

Heal at the Deepest Level.

Awaken and Transform with Shamanic Reiki, Guided Spiritual Energies, Alignment to Source,

Intuitive Messages, aromatherapy, crystals, and Gifts from Spirit.


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You are a whole being, divinely loved and empowered with innate wisdom. Have you tapped into this energy? The results may be immediately felt and continue to grow over time. You choose your intentions and focus - health, money, love and relationships, creativity, soul purpose, clarity and inner vision. We work together to bring your Soul into Alignment with your true purpose.


Way beyond the expertise of doctors, the reliance on pharmaceutical drugs, and the practices of modern medicine comes a healing modality that many people may describe as coming from "within." It feels like a connection to something greater than yourself, filled with love and light, clarity, and a sense of knowing.

"I would like to tell you that today was a beautiful experience. I feel lots of love, peace and healing inside of me. Once I arrived home, I still felt the energy around me, the "tickiling" was all over my body. I laid down on my bed for a while and I continue experiencing the energy moving around. I felt lot of happiness and I could see my ancestors also smiling and sharing the joy! I just wanted to share it with you and thank you and Gracie for this beautiful session. Looking forward to the Reiki trainings." C.F.


"I wanted to thank you for the Reiki session on Friday.  It came at just the right time and there are no coincidences.  I have been thinking a whole lot about what you said about loving the things I keep, literal, physical and is very helpful along this journey of lightening the load for travel.  When I have a moment to breathe I am going to listen to our session again, it was quite powerful for me." C.B.


Experience Integrative Healing with Reiki


What could Spiritual Energy, Reiki, and Alignment to Source feel like to you? What is Integrative Healing?

  • Physical experience - relieve physical symptoms as they are associated with energy release
  • Visual experience -  become open to your inner wisdom
  • Sensational experience - feel warmth or tingling, lightness in your soul as the invisible weight is lifted
  • Emotional experience - release negative feelings and renew energy, peace and calm
  • Sound experience - Solfeggio sound frequencies relax and integrate deeply with your highest good
  • Transformational experience - observe that circumstances in your life feel different, are improving, or changing in a positive way, always for the greatest and highest good, as you experience Soul Alignment


What you may experience is the awakening of your physical and emotional self as you become Aligned with Source, enhanced by the flow of Spiritual Energy Healing.

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"I really enjoyed my Reiki session, and have felt more grounded and calm since our session. It was very different from other Reiki experiences I've had and I really like your style of treatment. Hearing from my spirit guides was very helpful and I really hope to come back in the future. I did feel a release after our session and I feel I would really benefit from another session in the near future. Thanks so much!" Sophie W. Hillsboro, OR

"I’ve been contemplating on all you passed along to me. I listened to the mp3 file you sent, took notes on all of it, and then typed them up so I could more easily read them but also to reinforce the message(s) for myself. It’s given me a different perspective on how I’ve been conducting my life. And this morning I went to a meditation session I do twice a month with some good friends, where we always share what we heard during our joint meditations. My friend Gary is very “tuned in” spiritually (his life is totally guided by his still, small voice) and he spoke of pretty much the exact same things you relayed to me about the importance of personal power (i.e., "getting dressed," knowing who my "I am" is, etc.), to trust in God’s messages to us and to sweep away everything else. Very interesting that what you told me on Monday was reiterated today. Among other things, in answer to the question “What’s my purpose in life?” I heard: “Love. Write. Teach. Be. Share. And love some more.” I was also told not to worry about the how of it; it will come to me. Trust. Accept. Don’t be attached to the outcome.
I feel so blessed that our paths were supposed to cross this time around (and probably have in other lives). Thanks so much for all you do."
KB, Lake Oswego, OR

"Intuitive message Rosemary brought through her spirit allies for me was way beyond what I anticipated. Her service unveiled things I was not aware of and I was hiding consciously/unconsciously. The session was not only loving and gentle, but also powerful. I'm so glad I had her session. When I entered her place, her dog, Gracie barked at me really hard, then she became so calm and peaceful after the session. She knew I had a lot to release. Thank you, Rosemary." Kitako, Portland, OR


"I have so much energy in this new suit of clarity of who I am. Everything is working.  The issues are solved. I clearly accept my good. I am so glad I saw you on the local TV station and called you. I liked your calm confident manner. Bless you and keep you well and abundant in every area of your life. You are amazing.  With my heart open, Anne." Portland, OR

"I feel great! The session has definitely shifted things for me. I love the waterfall of light and your comment about feeling the universal energy on my shoulders. I visualize that daily as it helps me allow the energy to flow through my neck (a place that has a history of being stuck). This practice alone alleviates my pain when I engage that awareness. This has actually shifted my perspective a lot because it has changed the prominent direction energy flow for me. I'm about to listen again to the recording to promote the integration.
Thank you!" 

"I found it so powerful when you put the blessing on money that you receive, I have started playing with it myself. I am finding more courage in addressing the money rather than trying to distract or move on to another subject quickly. I am happy about this progress and look forward to even greater alignment with the energy of abundance." Laura A., Portland, OR

"I had an amazing time. I learned a lot. I just listened to the whole recording and felt amazing once again. Thank you so much." Judi C., Portland, OR



Spiritual Energy Healing Sessions


Private Spiritual Energy Healing sessions combine Reiki, Guided Spiritual Energies, Alignment to Source, Intuitive Messages and Gifts from Spirit. It's my special combination of healing modalities, uniquely integrated in your session for maximum results . . . Shamanic Reiki and Integrative Healing!


Awaken to healing and empowerment on all levels - spiritual, emotional and physical.


  • Reiki - This global method of healing and relaxation is as effective in remote sessions as in person.
  • Guided Intuitive Messages from Spirit - let Spirit be your guide with your transformational healing.
  • Aromatherapy - Essential oils chosen specifically for you during your session. Remote sessions also use essential oils as needed. More information is available in our follow-up work.
  • Sound Healing - Special Solfeggio tuning forks of the highest quality are used in your etheric field and on your body for an ultimate relaxation experience.
  • Crystals - Placed on you, in the room and/or under the table to assist in energy flow and balance. (if you have a remote session, I send you an image of the crystals we used to hold the energy for you as you further your integration and transformation)
  • Recording - Guided intuitive information for you to listen to again, as often as you like
  • Follow-up - You may have questions after your session. I'm here to help.

 It's ALL Included! $160 per session



Healing and Wholeness Packages

Our Golden Ticket Program for Frequent Reiki Clients

One Reiki healing session is wonderful. However, you may find yourself on a path of healing that requires more of your conscientious commitment. Integrate your healing, and journey into wholeness gently. Allow new energies to awaken you to Soul Alignment. My Healing and Wholeness Packages offer private Spiritual Energy Healing Sessions and follow-up correspondence. Sessions are remote or in person and easy to schedule.

Save 20%

How It Works:

  • Buy 5 Reiki Healing Sessions - Get the 6th session Half price
  • Your 7th session is FREE
  • Receive your EXTRA BONUS Golden Ticket (see below)
  • Sessions may be purchased individually or all at once.
  • Sessions may be used by one person or be shared with family members.

$880 for all 7 sessions (save $240)



Extra Bonus - The Golden Ticket

With seven Reiki sessions, you've earned the Golden Ticket - a FREE crystal heart chakra set of your choice

Value - up to $35 (may not be redeemed for cash)





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