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Remote Reiki Attunement


What is A Reiki Attunement?

Reiki attunement is a sacred ceremony involving the intention to connect Spiritual, divine energy to personal energy.  We like to think of a Reiki attunement as plugging into the sacred energy grid of the Universe. As we call upon our Reiki Guides and Masters, you are gently brought to a meditative, receptive state through which you become open to receive Reiki attunement energy. More about Reiki is discussed here (in our Integrative Enrichment Program.)


Our in-person Reiki classes utilize a hands-on Reiki attunement ceremony. However, remote Reiki attunements utilize the same amazing and powerful blessings from Source. With your remote Reiki attunement you receive the same effective activation of your personal energy in order to use Reiki.


What is the Difference Between Taking a Reiki Class or Receiving a Remote Attunement?

Reiki classes are comprehensive and wonderful, offering the interaction with and support of other students in the class. I love how each class is different, with each person bringing their own spirituality and intention to the group. We spend all day showing how to integrate Reiki into daily life, and offer training and practice throughout the class. Individuals experience confidence and develop sensitivity with the exercises we offer and there is immediate feedback from other students.


Though participating in a class is, in my opinion, more desirable for people serious about learning Reiki, a remote attunement has advantages. A remote attunement also has the same Reiki energies as an in-person attunement. Your ability to use Reiki will be immediate and effective. Many of my clients want and need to be able to use Reiki for themselves or for a family member (for pets too.) A remote attunement may be done in far less time, and with a smaller investment, than our integrative in-person classes. You'll also receive instruction with our Reiki Practice Guide - a book that will walk you through all of the exercises, techniques and tips we use in a class at our healing center.


Who Qualifies for a Remote Reiki Attunement?

  • The caretaker - someone who needs physical and emotional support while caring for a loved one with cancer or who is experiencing the trauma of injury or stress. In this case Reiki is for both the caretaker and the one being cared for.
  • The busy mom or dad - someone who hopes to integrate feelings of empowerment or spiritual guidance, but juggles time for family and seems to run out of time and energy at the end of the day.
  • The stressed executive - someone who is surrounded by external influences of other people and demands, yet seeks to live a life of passion, joy, and prosperity.
  • The volunteer - someone who devotes time and energy to others. Reiki can help rejuvenate and re-center personal energies.
  • You - someone who deserves the best, and perhaps has not allowed yourself to receive the gifts that await you.


In these cases, and many others, I like to recommend receiving a remote Reiki attunement and consider participating in one of our classes later when time permits. We have a full complement of workshops and advanced training to support you in your continued spiritual path.


What is Included with your Remote Reiki Attunement?

Once you schedule and pay for your remote Reiki attunement, you will receive complete instructions for preparation. The entire process takes about 15 minutes, but you may continue your meditation and notes for as long as you like following the remote ceremony.

Your remote Reiki attunement includes:

  • Personal, live, meditative attunement (not a recording). You can keep me on speaker phone while you receive attunement.
  • My Integrative Reiki Practice Guide.
  • Continued support.


*Note - no certificate is provided with remote Reiki attunements. Certificates are issued to students who attend in-person Reiki classes and complete training, and demonstrate proficiency in using Reiki. Remote Reiki attunements are intended for people who are unable to attend in-person classes, or desire to have immediate access to Reiki energies without the intention of using Reiki for professional use, as in a Reiki practice or business.


Scheduling a Remote Reiki Attunement

There's no need to wait for an official Reiki class at our healing center. As long as we can find a mutually agreeable time, your Reiki attunement can happen as soon as possible.

Just fill in the form or call me directly to set up a time to initiate you to Reiki.


The Integrative Reiki Practice Guide

Reiki training in our in-person classes focus on technique and integration of Reiki into what we like to call a Reiki lifestyle. With our Integrative Reiki Practice Guide you'll receive exercises through which you can practice Reiki at home. You'll learn the basic hand positions for Reiki treatments and develop your sensitivity to Reiki energies. You'll be able to use Reiki for self-treatment and offering Reiki to family and friends. Animals love Reiki and we include specific instructions for Reiki for animals.


The Reiki 1 & 2 Practice Guide Includes:

  • How to activate Reiki healing energies
  • Standard hand positions
  • How to ground and protect your energies
  • How to clear and balance your chakras
  • How to use Reiki in everyday situations
  • The basics of Reiki for animals (pets love Reiki too)
  • The techniques and Reiki level 2 symbols - offer distance healing to yourself in the future or the past.
  • Overcome barriers of time and space when offering Reiki to others
  • How to cleanse your space in home, office or hotel
  • How to offer non-stop Reiki, distance Reiki
  • How to relieve and allow healing for mental/ emotional blocks



Reiki 1 & 2 Remote Attunement plus Integrative Reiki Practice Guide - $250

Paypal and credit cards accepted.


Reiki Master attunements are only offered in-person at our healing center due to the specialized training involved at the Master level. Call Rosemary to discuss your qualifications to participate in Reiki Master class. Learn more about Reiki Master class here.







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